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Meet Our Staff

  • Tony Hall, DVM

    Tony Hall, DVM Vets

    Dr. Tony Hall is a native of Northern Kentucky, as he attended Lloyd Memorial High School and Northern Kentucky University before going on to Auburn. At Auburn,…

  • Stephanie Banks

    Stephanie Banks Staff

    My name is Stephanie, and I have been working at Paws & Claws Animal Hospital since 2005. I…

What our patients say

  • In July of 2005, I rescued a Jack Russell beagle mix (Tyler). Needing a vet for the newest member of my family I found Paws and Claws. I took Tyler for a wellness check just to make sure everything was well with him. Dr Robin looked him over and found worms, not uncommon for a shelter dog. Little did I know 2 weeks later we would be back with bigger issues. I lived in an apartment and my neighbor told me Tyler had cried for the entire 8 hours that we were gone. I took him back to Dr. Robin, who diagnosed him with separation anxiety. Instead of just sticky Tyler on meds and being done with it. She prescribed a DAP defuser (a calming scent that only the dog could smell). She also instructed us to begin puppy school which we did right away. Weeks later the separation anxiety was under control The following Spring I called the office in tears because Tyler's belly was bright pink and he was sick to his stomach. I was told to bring him in right away. Dr Robin diagnosis that Tyler had a toxic build up of a protein that is common with CHEAP dog food she prescribed a new limited ingredient dog food. After switching him to the new dog food the stomach issues were resolve but he was still having skin issues. Dr. Robin sent us to an allergist and after testing found that he had allergies to a few pollens common to the area. We started allergy shots and after a year were able to stop the shots because he had built an immunity to the pollens. Tyler was attack by another dog where he has several severe would, Dr Tony treated the wounds and after several weeks Tyler was healed and back to his happy self. Tyler has also suffered several injuries because he is a high energy dog that is getting older. He broke his tail, which Dr. Tony diagnosed and prescribed pain meds and limited activity for a week. Tyler suffered a neck injury after running into a fence and again Dr Robin saved the day. If it was not for Dr Robin, Dr Tony and their wonderful Vet techs I am not sure were Tyler would be. They are such great vets, that even after moving from the area I drive the 30 minutes to take Tyler to them. I can call them and ask any questions and they are always willing to help. They care more about my dog then most doctors care about their patients. I would not trust my pet to anyone else! I always tell people if you want a great vets take your pet to Paws & Claws.

    Teresa Ellis,

  • Will loved going to your clinic. As soon as he'd figure out that we were headed there, his tail would start waggin' like crazy! I've never seen a dog jump out of a vehicle, excited to go see their veterinarian and staff, but Will did. He was nuts about everyone to include the cats!

    Lisa Wilson,